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Commonly asked questions:

Do you fix phone screens?

Yes! We fix iPhone screens. We can also give you an estimate on an Android or Samsung phone, but many times the price of the repair outweighs the price of the replacement.


How long does it take to fix my broken phone screen?

On average, repair/replacement time is 45 minutes. We have a great lounge with TV, water, and magazines. Just take that 45 minutes to get the relaxation you deserve!


Can you make my computer run faster?

Yes! It might be old and out of date, but it's not dead. We can take care of those pesky programs that are slowing down your computer or add things like memory/RAM to the computer to help speed things along. With a free estimate why not come in and let us see what we can do?


My phone got wet. Can you fix this?

Most of the time the phone is repairable. HOWEVER, it is very dependent on how long you wait before you come to us! If the device was wet in the past 24 hours there is a 60% chance of recovering the phone. That percentage drops to 50% after 48 hours, and to Almost nothing after 72 hours.



My TV will not turn on. Can you fix this?

Did you know Mississippi has, on average, 875,720 lightning strikes per year? That’s 18.4 per square mile! We are number 3 in the country, per The Weather Channel™, for the most lightning strikes!


Now that you know the main cause of most TV failures; the answer to your question is “Yes, we can fix it!” We can normally repair or replace components on the inside of the TV to correct the issue and have you back watching your favorite TV show, on average, in less than a week.

Diagnostics on TV's are ALWAYS free. If you think the price is too high once we give you an estimate, then we can recycle the TV for you or you can take it back home and it won’t cost you a dime.